The original siding on the barn outside was in need of replacement. So at my request the board and batten wood was carefully taken off and saved (much to the surprise of the workmen who thought it looked like it belonged in a burn pile). I sanded and varnished the old siding and we used it as window and baseboard trim in the studio. It came out incredible! We replaced the outside siding with the same type of wood and even routered the battens so they would be identical to the original. After several years of working on the inside and outside, my studio is finally done.

My Pets

Our two beloved Collies, Tilly and Skye. They're the best fiber producing animals ~ after the sheep of course. They provide me with all the hair I could ever want to make my dog hair product samples, and our own warm gloves and scarves.

They are the love of our lives and shadow us where ever we go. You seldom see my husband without his entourage.

Our sheep, Lucy, Jazzy, and Gabriel

Rambo is our miniature Dachshund and has a personality and a half. He's playing with Skye in this picture, but spends a great deal of his time terrorizing our quiet Collies. He's quite an entertainer for us.

About Me

I'm Doreen Kelly and I live on a small farm in the western part of New York State with my husband, two Collie dogs, a miniature Dachshund and three sheep.

I'm a self taught fiber artisan, hand spinner & weaver. I've dabbled in most Heritage Arts & Crafts, but my main focus is in Fiber Arts. I also like to re-purpose items such as barn wood, blue jeans, and other discarded treasures into beautiful works of art like wall hangings, shawls, scarves, bags, rag rugs and placemats. 

Our Barn

My husband and I have restored our 19th century barn and built a wonderful spinning and weaving studio inside. The barn construction has lovely hand hewn beams and mortise and tenon joints. The studio area is two floors which were original to the barn, but spent it's life used as a dirty tool room, storage, and a place to apparently collect junk. When we started the inside restoration and dismantled some walls in this area, we discovered beautiful ceiling beams. So we left the beams exposed and refinished the wood floors. ‚Äč