Helen wearing her 1947 wedding dress

Wedding dress strips and yarn on the loom

The Process

Wedding dress strips ready for weaving

A variety of yarns in several colors to compliment the ivory wedding dress

I love to weave with forgotten textiles by unraveling and reusing items like sweaters, garments, and blue jeans. I find innovative ways to weave one of a kind articles with color and texture to make "re-invented treasures". 

The "Helen Scarf" transformed

~  ‚ÄčA commissioned piece  ~
The covered buttons and loops were woven in and the complimentary colors of yarn were chosen by the owner.  
Countryside Weaving
My handwoven pieces are created one thread at a time in my restored 19th century barn studio. My floor looms are a traditional style like those that have been used for  hundreds of years, powered only by feet and hands. 

The wedding dress dismantled into pieces